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Desire a stunning, straight, and bright smile? Embrace the convenience of our removable and invisible braces!

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What to expect in your  FREE Invisalign® Inspection

During your complimentary dental consultation, you will get a personalized and comprehensive examination tailored to your unique dental health. Our experienced dental team will take the time to discuss your medical history, address any concerns or questions you may have and conduct an assessment.

Upon your arrival, our friendly receptionist will warmly welcome you before introducing you to one of our experts specializing in teeth straightening. The consultation is entirely centered around your aspirations, inquiries and potential concerns.
Within the consultation, you'll receive a complimentary 3D Smile Simulation, offering a preview of the potential transformation your smile could undergo post-treatment. Our teeth expert will provide a walkthrough of the whole process.
The most exciting aspect? This consultation comes with no cost whatsoever and entails no obligations on your part.

Unlock Your Dream Smile With Invisalign®

We take pride in ensuring our treatments remain budget-friendly and our team is readily available to guide you through a range of flexible payment options.

Join the hundreds of happy smiling clients

Experience the most reliable clear aligner, led by dentists, ensuring that professional Invisalign® practitioners (such as ourselves) accompany you through every phase of the process.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign offers a subtle and nearly invisible approach to gradually aligning your teeth. Through a sequence of custom-made, removable aligners, it gently guides your teeth into the desired position, allowing you to achieve your ideal smile.

How long does the process take?

Typically, the process takes less than a year, with the duration dependent on the extent of tooth movement needed. Treatment times typically span around 28 weeks, but in some cases, they may be as brief as 12 weeks.

What quickly to see results?

Experience the transformative effects of Invisalign in as little as 4-12 months to achieve the desired results, although you'll begin to notice positive changes in your smile well before then. For single arch treatments with Invisalign, the average duration is approximately 18 weeks.

Is it guaranteed?

If, for any reason, you are not completely happy with the results, we commit to addressing your concerns and, if necessary, providing corrective measures at no additional cost. Your confidence in our care is our priority, and our guarantee reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional dental experiences.

The staff are professional and also incredibly friendly and accommodating. The clinic's commitment to using advanced technology was evident, and I appreciated the attention to detail.

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Steven White

From the moment I walked in, the atmosphere was warm, and the staff were welcoming. I am extremely satisfied with the results and would confidently recommend this dental clinic.

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Laura Jones

Advanced care you can trust

Experience the pinnacle of advanced dental care at our practice, where cutting-edge tech, including state-of-the-art dental X-rays, plays a crucial role in delivering exceptional oral health services. Our commitment to utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, such as digital imaging and panoramic X-rays, allows us to provide a comprehensive assessment of your dental health. These technologies not only enhance our ability to detect issues at an early stage but also ensure precision and accuracy in treatment planning.

Why Texas trusts us with their smile

Embark on a transformative journey alongside a thriving community of countless individuals who have chosen to revitalize and enhance their smiles through the advanced solutions at Dr. Davis Burrow's esteemed practice.

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